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Updates at Heart Of Peace Wellness

Updates at Heart of Peace Wellness

Thank you for being a valued client of Heart of Peace Wellness. First, in order to continue providing you all the best quality experience in your treatment we are slightly increasing prices of our 60 and 90 minute sessions by $10 (60 minute sessions will be $90 and 90 minute sessions will be $130 effective February 1, 2023). Enhancements including use of Deep Blue, Hot Stones, Cupping and Blocking will remain available as necessary at no additional charge. We are expanding our offering and creating a hard and fast cancellation policy beginning January 1, 2023. We will be requiring 24 hour notice to cancel. If your appointment is canceled with at least 24 hours notice you will incur no fees. 12-24 hours notice will incur a fee of 50% of the scheduled appointment (30 min appointment=$25, 60 min appointment=$45 etc). Less than 12 hours notice will incur the full fee of the scheduled appointment. There will be a signature page at the end of this announcement that will be required to fill out with a credit card being placed on file for the cancellation policy. This will also allow you to have a credit/debit card remain on file for convenient purchasing, remote appointments, classes and deposits. This card will automatically be charged at the time of the missed appointment.

To honor our seniors and veterans we will be offering a 10% discount for all products and services effective February 1, 2023. Note this discount will not be stackable, meaning you can only receive a maximum of 10% off. If a better deal is offered at any time you can choose to use your 10% or forgo your discount for the temporary offer. Any questions, feel free to ask.

In addition to Massage, Kinesiology, Ion Cleansing, Biofeedback, AromaTherapy and Mental Health Counseling, We will be adding Nutritional Coaching and a brand new program called Shape Reclaimed. This is an excellent comprehensive detoxification program that helps to regulate hormones, support chronic fatigue, reset/boost metabolism, support restful sleep, decrease chronic inflammation, support gut health and as a lovely side effect, help lose weight! Jen, owner and operator of HOP Wellness is currently piloting this program and seeing amazing benefits. For more information message or call!

Finally, Touch For Health Kinesiology and Aromatherapy classes will be offered again in the new year. NEW classes including Mindfulness and Meditation and a Couples Massage Class, begin this February. For more information, please ask me or refer to our website:

Thank you so much for your time and attention!

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