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Meditation 101-Let it be easy.

Meditation is a deeply subjective practice. Meaning, the definition of successful meditation practice is so different from one person to the next.

The easiest way to know if your chosen style of meditation is working for you is if:

~You feel rejuvenated after

~You are able to "turn your brain off"/focus on the intended meditative content

~You feel drawn to your meditative practice when you have a big decision to make

If you are thinking:

"I can't meditate"

"it's too hard"

"I can't stop the revolving to-do list in my mind"

You are NOT alone!

Meditation is a PRACTICE because you are always learning and evolving in meditation.


Think about this scenario- You decide you are going to teach yourself to garden. You get all the stuff you need, (the soil, the seeds, the plants, the water, the gardening tools, even gardening gloves) you even have a super sunny spot in your yard that was previously a garden! But that spot currently covered in weeds and trash. Are you going to be able to garden successfully in that garden?

Of course not! You need to remove that debris and make ROOM for your garden!

This scenario can be easily applied to meditation:

You decide you are going to teach yourself to meditate. You get all the stuff you need (comfy clothes, calming music, essential oils yada-yada) you even have a super spot in your yard, bedroom, living room or office that you could easily sit down and meditate. But when you sit to meditate you think about all the stuff you need to accomplish, you start worrying if you hung up too quickly on your client this morning, did get the litter box cleaned out last night, or is your grocery list accomplished. Are you set up for a successful session of meditation?

Of course not! You need to remove that debris and make ROOM in your mind for meditation!

Back in January, I mentioned I would make the "workshop meditation" available to you, and that's happening now! I am creating a one page downloadable that will talk you thought the nitty-gritty of clearing mental debris so you can meditate to your heart's content!

Subscribe to this blog, make sure I have your email and I will be sending it along soon!

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