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What the heck?

2020... you guys it's happening.

A new decade, can you even believe it?

As one door closes, another is opening in a BIG way.

I'm staring into big changes this year including, the ultimate public accountability, THIS BLOG.

You can rely on weekly posts from me about the haps of my life. Physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, the works. Strap in, its gonna be a crazy ride.

I'm running my business in the amazing brick and mortar Stilettos in Holbrook.

I'm expanding the products and services I offer.

I'm jumping into the Whole30 with new recipes and incorporating essential oils in more of my cooking.

I'm utilizing support supplements and cleanses in my quest to get my body healthy for baby number two. (and sharing the dos and the do nots as I see it.)

I'm getting a part-time job as a clinical mental health counselor.

I'm offering classes again.

We're getting a second vehicle.

We're buying a house.

All the while navigating being a wife, mom, mentor, sister, auntie, niece, daughter and friend.

Join me. I'm glad you're here.

#thefirst100 #Heartofpeacewellnessllc #Whole30 #Stilettos

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