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Dieting is hard...

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Have you ever hid from your family eating ice cream sandwiches in the bathroom?

Just me?

I‘ve done it more recently than I’d like to admit. When I was a kid I did it because I knew my mom would say no and tell me to exercise instead. As an adult I expected harshness or cruelty and when none was given, well I just had to be cruel to myself.

But seriously, dieting is hard.

You see people bigger, smaller, younger, older eating stuff you feel you deserve and it’s always a downward spiral from there.

I just started a new job, I just lost a job, I know there’s a holiday coming up, do we celebrate Boxing Day? Ah whatever let’s get pizza

Forget the diet guys, it’s a LIFESTYLE change. tell yourself you GET TO eat healthy. You DESERVE to get on that exercise bike. You are good enough and strong enough to drive by those fast food joints to eat real food and nourish your body with substance.

My body wants veggies, meat and happy fats. My body feels sick and sore and tired when I eat wheat and dairy (and we don’t have it anyway because of my sons anaphylaxis, it makes me feel yucky and it causes him a hospital visit. My body craves bad food when I start my day with sugar or simple carbs. So I don’t. 1/1/2020 we started a lifestyle change. And we’ve had ups and downs. There’s a learning curve. But, when you fall, get back up! Don’t fall because of a chip and dive into a pint of Ben and Jerry Vanilla Carmel Fudge Swirl with a side of peanut m&ms....


what were we talking about?

Of course, reframing.

When you tell yourself you aren’t allowed something, you are taking something away without helping your entire being understanding why.

That feels like deprivation.

Instead, tell yourself you are blessed to have an abundance of healthy food and get to eat that broccoli (which tastes amazing roasted with some Primal Garden Ranch seasoning FYI)!

Some call me a spin doctor 🤗 Give it a try 💜

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