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Understand, I’m Overwhelmed

Can ya be whelmed?

Is that a thing?

IDK but I don’t make it a habit to stay whelmed, and I’ve only ever been underwhelmed by subpar cusine. (I swear I’m only hoidy toidy in jest).

I LIVE, thrive in chaos, and at times that can be overwhelming. I slowed to whelm for a bit to have a baby. Then once I figured out motherhood (*brush a shoulder off) as best as I could with a 2.5 year old it’s time to make big changes. My tiny human has anaphylactic food allergies To dairy and wheat. And environmental allergies to dust, mold and dogs. You know the big ones haha. We had 8 emergency room visits from 12/25/18-12/25/19.

We need to be constantly vigilant in public and at other people’s homes to make sure we don’t end up back in the emergency room.

In that year, all the while, I was finishing my Master degree, interning, running my business, and my social media, trying to keep a tidy home (yeah right) and cook safe healthy adjacent food for my family.

Since we already cook with no dairy and wheat, paleo/keto life style was our logical healthful alternative to eating simply gluten/dairy free.

stay tuned for recipes...

#whereitbegan #whole30 #foodallergy #understandoverwhelm

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