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10 ways to live a healthier life, part two

A few weeks ago, I posted a list of the first half of this list- let’s review:

1- get a good massage therapist and see them, often!

2- get a good Vitamin D supplement and take it, doesn’t work if it’s sitting on your counter!

3- get a good multivitamin, and take as prescribed in the previous recommendation (I kid, I can’t legally prescribe anything guys)

4- consider a good glyconutrient supplement, link provided in previous post.

5- get a good Chiropractor and don’t settle for decent!

Ok, enough digesting on part 1, time to dive into part 2! Part 2 is targeting self care:


I KNOW, I know. “Meditations not for me” “its too hard“ ”I don’t have time”... not only have I heard it all, I’ve SAID it all!

I have a real easy meditation called the workshop meditation that will be your new best friend. If your interested, reach out. But I’ll be posting about it next week!

7- Practice positive self talk.

Work HARD at being your own best cheerleader. We are so quick in this society to be the first to cut ourselves down when we make a mistake. When you hear yourself say something unkind immediately negate it. Example: missed the turn again Jen, nice job dummy 🙄.

I wouldn’t talk that way to my worst enemy, so why the heck would I say it to myself. Example solution: argh missed the turn, that’s ok I‘m still awesome. (Then sing the Everything is Awesome song from the LEGO movie.... or whatever happy song fills your bucket!)

8- Nourish yourself with healthful food and without judgement. The goal is to eat plenty of fruit and veggies, some meat, some good fats and little grain carbohydrates/dairy/sugar. If green beans are better with butter, do it up! If chicken is more enjoyable breaded, invest in an Air Fryer! Eating is not one size fits all, neither are diets. Focus on foods that help you feel energized, not tired.

9- See the Sun Bee the Sun!

The easiest way to feel better Emotionally is to get as much of your skin (that’s allowed by law) in front of the sun. Sun helps your body make bioavailable vitamin D (save money buying all those supplements.) 10- Get enough rest.

Our society is go go go. We are getting to the point where there’s judgement just for going to bed at a reasonable hour. If we all strive to get to bed between 9-11pm every night we are supporting our entire hormone system! That’s because the meridian that governs our hormones (the triple warmer meridian) is most active in that time frame.

We will talk more about meridians another time, but start implementing these changes and tell me how much better you feel!


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