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10 ways to live a healthier life part 1

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

I have a passion to live well. I have a bigger passion to help others live well.

so, I got a bachelor degree, premed 😉 then I went to Chiropractic school.

Why I chose Chiropractic, is a story for another day, but while I was there I gained certification in Touch for Health Kinesiology and fell in LOVE. My obsession with learning all things Kinesiology led me to write a text book with my mentor regarding all the Kinesiology He knew and we learned along the way. My grades and desire to learn chiropractic suffered and I ultimately left chiropractic school to do Kinesiology full time.

No one knew what the heck kinesiology was so I went back to school to become a massage therapist!

I then went back to the books to become a Nutritional Health Coach, while embarking on a Master degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Needless to say I have seen a lot. A lot a lot. This all means I have tried a lot. So without further ado here’s the top ten recommendations I can make:

1: get a good massage therapist and get a massage every month.

2: get a good multivitamin, I like the Life Long Vitality Pack from DoTERRA (heres my link to buy:

3: take a good quality Vitamin D, ideally sublingual in oil as vitamin D is fat soluble (not an affiliate link, just my favorite brand

4: consider glyconutrients supplementation, significant research suggests proper quantities of glyconutrient can regulate epigenetics and potential eliminate genetic expression of less ideal genes (heres the link to what I use, and my two year old uses it too! )

5: get a good chiropractor, they are few and far between. I’m making a list of the good ones.... again, for another post! speaking of another post, chew on these 5 and I’ll be back with the next 5!

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